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About Photographer

I'm a registered art therapist
& licensed Ph.d psychologist as well as a world traveler. I am a photo artist & I use photoshop to edit as if I were painting each digital-photo.

My other photographic websites include: "Most Romantic Rooms," a coffee table travel book containing photographs of over 150 of the worlds best hotel Rooms with a View. "Healthy Easy Cook book," this book contains 135 gourmet recipes that are healthy & easy to prepare. "Easter Eggs," is a book of unique easter egg photos. "Christmas Trees around the World," a colorful photographic book of artistic christmas displays. "Animals - South Africa," this is a perfect book for children.
Also I have created four pictorial slideshows for laptops and home computer screens: "Memory Screensaver Slideshow," "Popart Slideshow," "Garden Pics Slideshow" & "Screensaver Slideshow." All can be purchased online.

Caren Nederlander talks about her photography and the Romantic Rooms book project with Jenny Mayer on Plum TV. Watch the video here!


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